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Why partner with us for your monitoring

UptimeWeb is a simple, clean, easy to use powerful monitoring system without the “bloat”, that is easy to use thanks to our no-nonsense User Interface. The system itself includes a wide range of features that allows users to monitor various aspects of their website, prevent false positives, test, monitor SSL certificates, detect malware and virus’ and share data through useful reporting.

Euro Monitoring

As a UK based company, we have our monitoring presence spread across the UK and Europe, with nodes in Ireland, England, France & Germany. This means you are able to find out about performance & issues that occur and build an average experience of your European website visitors.


Our “AlertMe” system helps prevent false positives. As soon as the systems detect downtime, servers in the same location confirm this. An alert is sent if these secondary servers agree with the initial response that there is a problem. If not, further tests are conducted to make sure downtime is not missed from various random other locations.

Malware and Anti Virus scanning and detection

UptimeWeb lets you know if any malware infections exist on your website. Using a third party system (Sucurri) we can perform an automated malware scan, based on a standalone schedule. If malware is found, you are notified and you can begin to rectify the problem. Malware is one of the biggest issues that web owners face, as it has the potential to seriously cripple a website’s reputation, leading to a reduction in website visitors as a short term consequence or in some extreme cases, complete bans from google and the other search engines index.


Real User Monitoring is a way of testing the site to produce a visual representation of what your clients experience when they are on your website. Along with this, we also do a ping test, at your monitoring time schedule and this is recorded in your dashboard, so you can see how fast your server is responding and can easily spot traffic slow downs and spikes.

Agency & Public reporting

UptimeWeb makes it easy for agencies to share their clients reports via email and PDF download. It is also possible to create reporting groups that can be made public.

SSL Monitoring

Monitoring of your SSL Certificates – At UptimeWeb, we do more than just simply detecting problems through standard HTTP tests. Certificate validation checks of websites that run on HTTPs can also be added. If their are problems with the security certificate or its due to expire soon,you will receive a warning about these problems.