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How UptimeWeb helps you keep track of your website

It’s a fact of life that various problems occur with today’s modern websites. They are much more complex and contain a wide range of features which means there is more a much higher likelyhood of something going wrong or breaking. There are many reasons why a website malfunctions. Typical issues that website owners will face over time include:

server side issues

Code errors on the site

Network or transient errors

which can all have an affect on your websites availability and how it performs. However, using “UptimeWeb” you are able to keep up-to-date on any issues and downtime your websites will experience. With our monitoring systems, your website is monitored from every minute through to hourly monitors, depending on your requirements. If your website is down you will be immediately alerted about the problem and can react to the particular issue. Knowing about problems as they happen, is a lot better for business, as you can generally fix them before they become a client issue and it starts to cost you money.

How UptimeWeb works:

  • The system checks your domain for a website header.
  • When the status code is 400+ and 500+ this means there is a problem with your website. Our system then does further checks every thirty seconds to ensure these status codes are correct and you are getting the correct alerts if required.
  • If the status code does not indicate a problem, the website is working correctly.
  • Typical status codes include “200-ok”, “404-not found” and other codes, depending on the monitor settings being used.
  • It obtains status codes based on your scheduled checks.
  • We also do “keyword” checks, where you insert a unique bit of text that exists on your home page and we check for this word or phrase when we check your site. This is a much more reliable check as it will help to alert in the event of an actual problem on the site (hacked, virus etc) where the website is still returning “OK” for a normal ping check, but the keyword will normally not be found, so you know there is an issue.